Towering Hot cam girl Haleigha

This next hot cam girl most likely will stand tall among many men. Standing at 6 feet tall, this smoking hot cam girl is 27 years of age. She goes by the screen name Haleigha and she enjoys doing live webcam show. Most girls fret about telling their ag, but Haleigha is a very confident person and doesn’t mind stating her age. She are into big bikes and loves the feeling of controlling the big mean machines while cruising on the road. She admits that she is quite dominant and the height just happen to be a coincidence. Even if I were not tall, I think I will still be very dominant, height got nothing to do with it.


We have many hot cam girls

We have many hot cam girls in our database and also in my email. I think for the month of April I will slow down a bit in posting new contestants each day. This will give a chance to the current 100 plus hot cam girls to be viewed and noticed. I have to admit with so many hot cam girls as contestants now, I myself find it difficult to remember all of them by heart. Of course those I regularly visits in their chat room is easy for me to remember. As for the contest that is posted on Apr 6th where surfers of MCG is encouraged to submit their stories for their first time live chat experience, we got only 3 emails. We get few thousands visitors each day but only 3 send in their stories. I guess this will make them instant winners and claim their FREE membership. We still have few more days to go before the contest is close. So take this opportunity to get your FREE membership as I suspect most of the visitor to MCG is kinda shy. So for those of you who are shy to write, just scribble a few words, take the opportunity to claim your prize. In the meantime, I will enjoy watching American Idol. I always love shows that is contest based, guess this what made me create this site. So enjoy your trip here in MCG and continuing browsing for the hot cam girls that is on the site.



Classy Russian cam girl NaughtyLadyX

We are always being trained to see on certain things by the media. One of the example is classy looking girls are always perceived to be really proper and well mannered. I would say not all the time this scenario fits the bill. Take this next contestant as an example, this Russian cam girl looks really classy, almost like Russian royalty, but she admitted that she is very naughty in by nature. This is the reason why she chose the screen name NaughtyLadyX to represent herself. Between classy and naughty, I would say I would lean more towards to being naughty and playful, says this Russian cam girl.


Petite Filipina cam girl Baby Jeannie

This next contestant is cuter than a button. Possessing the Asian features like being petite, demure and submissive, Baby Jeannie is college student that is a much sought after cam girl. Because of her popularity, she was contacted and made her first nude pictorial with the site Lavender Tabby that features hot Asian girls. This Filipina cam girl has traveled the world quite a bit having been to London, Hong Kong and Singapore. She enjoys meeting new people and would like to own her own tour agency one day.


Win FREE membership by telling your story

As promised, we gonna make this site ROCK. I will be giving out 10 FREE memberships for the hottest amateur porn site in the net. The site BONKMYGF.COM, has a lot of user submitted pictures and videos. The girls are your average girl next door, college girls, office girls and of course some cam girls.

In order to get the free membership, all you need to do is submit a story of YOUR FIRST LIVE CAM experience. It can be funny or meant to be a guide for potential members who wants to join a cam site. Do not worry about grammar as this is not an English essay contest. Winners will be chosen based on how interesting the stories will be. The best 1o stories will get the free membership of The closing date would be on 12am PST April 15th 2010. The winner will be announced on the 17th of April. Username and password will be emailed to the winners. The judges would be the gorgeous Aaliyah Love, the lovely Trisha Uptown and yours truly.

Please send your stories to Good luck to all and looking forward to be reading your stories.


Jessica Bond cam girl from Argentina

Another hot and exotic cam girl to grace our page of April. This cam girl by the name of Jessica Bond is from Argentina. I have not much knowledge about this country but I do know they are soccer crazy and Diego Maradona is a living legend there. Apart from all that, I do not have much knowledge about Argentina. Jessica might look like she is not friendly because she wasn’t smiling in the pictures. In reality, she is a very friendly and warm person, just like all the girls in Argentina. Well, is time to learn more about the country. Just visit Jessica born the hot cam girl and she can tell you more about her beloved country.


Blonde cam girl EroticFantasyxx

This next contestant from Russia goes by the screen name EroticFantasyx. This girl admits that she is kind of naughty and kinky. I don’t think is really a bad thing if she is kinky. Her fetishes includes high heels and loves black stockings. She loves how the material wrap around he thigh and legs. Is so comfortable and yet makes the women feel so sexy. She also quick to add that she is born to be a perfect girl who can please men really well. This Russian girl also claims that she is very tolerant and has the patience of the turtle that won the race against the rabbit.


Romanian camgirl InnocentBlonde

This cam girl goes by the screen name InnocentBlonde. This hot Romanian girl enjoys working as a cam girl because she gets the chance to learn so many things about men. Even though she has a fair share of meeting guys online, she still thinks that no way a girl can totally understand men. Everyone is so unique in their own way. So you cannot really generalized or stereo typed all the men into one category. Is not really fair that way according to her. The traits that she adore in a man is that he must be honest and has good sense of humor


Cam model Luxury Girl

This brunette hottie goes by the name of Luxury Girl. She has been working on cams for a 2 years now. She choose the name luxury girl because she aspires to be rich one day. Everybody wants to some how be financial independent and wants to afford nice stuff. I don’t see anything wrong with it as some people say money is evil. I don’t agree with them at all that money is evil. Money can help save life and change people’s destiny too. This cam girl also admits that she is pretty dominant when it comes to relationship. I would always love to be on top in everything, not only in bed she joked.


Cam girl Ashleey Ann looks like a celeb

To kick of our month of April, our next contestant is Ashleey Ann who is a hot brunette cam girl. She does look a bit like a famous Hollywood actress. Can you guess who she looks like. You got it right my man, she looks like Julie Dreyfus from the hit sitcom tv series Seinfield. This cam girl is long legged and has a very slim body. She weighs only 104 lbs. Her bra size is cup C and with her slim figure, she looks totally sexy. This celeb look alike cam girls enjoys taking pictures since she was a little girl. She joked that since she is not in Hollywood, she still feels like a “star” when she does her live cam shows.


Happy Easter to everybody at MCG

April is here and we will be celebrating Easter as well. For the month of March, we have yet received another 30 contestants. This takes our tally to 88 contestants so far. For the past 3 months, I’ve been busy showcasing all the contestants. Come April, we will still receive more contestants and also have more activities going on. We will have contests where you will get a chance to win free cam credits and also membership for some awesome paysites. Do check out some funny interviews which will be posted in the month of April as well. Thank you once again to the contestants and sponsors for participating. A special thank you to all the surfers that visit the site often.



Pretty brunette cam girl Saamyrra

This last contestant for the month of March is truly a very cheerful person. After receiving her pictures, I decided to visit her room. She was very friendly towards me and we had a good time chatting. This pretty brunette goes by the name of Saamyrra. She is 5 feet 4 inches which is pretty petite for a Caucasian girl. Her vital stats are 37-24-36 and bra size of cup C. So I bet you can imagine how sexy her body is. For her live cam shows, she enjoys role play. She also love to dress up in nice clothes and sexy lingerie.


Japanese webcam girl Sakura

This next cam girl from Japan goes by the name of Sakura. She chose this name because Sakura is a famous flower that is mostly found in Japan. In English it is known as “Cherry Blossom”. Sakura loves cosplay and is still quite active. She loves to color her hair blonde like those anime characters and also dresses up like them. She thinks is really fun to be able to “play” someone else character once in a while. Just like doing live cam shows where she can show her naughty sides to her members.


Sun Kitten is Lisa Kudrow look alike

I am seeing more and more of our contestants who looks like celebrities. This time around, our next cam girl looks like Lisa Kudrow. Her hair style is exactly the same as the famous comedy actress from the famous series FRIENDS. This hot Russian blonde cam girl goes by the name of Sun Kitten. She said her hair is like the color of the sun and she is as playful as a cat. Hence the cool screen name is born. Sun Kitten loves to keep fit by hitting the gym 3 times a week. I wonder if her sense of humor is as good as Lisa Kudrow. Only one way to find out is to visit this cam girl’s room for a private chat.


Cam girl Cindy got a surprise 4 you

Cindy was bored one day and browsing the Internet and bumped into this site. She loves the idea and this made the cam girl send some of her pictures to join in the fun. She doesn’t really care if she were to win or not but just want to send her lovely sexy pictures of her. She is proud of her slim body in this pictures. Recently something great has happened to her life and she would like you to visit her bio page to see what she really mean. She is just feeling on cloud nine right now.


Delicious blonde cam girl Tammy Moore

This blonde cam girl goes by the name of Tammy Moore. Tammy loves working as a cam girl. She has always enjoyed phone sex before the birth of live sex cam sites. So when she was introduced to live chat with cams, she was so excited about it. Now she get to show herself on cams. Another thing that she really love is cam 2 cam. This means her members can get to send her their cams while they are engaging in a live sex chat with her.


Outgoing Filipina cam girl SexSpot7

Most Asian girls are very shy by nature, especially the Filipina girls. This Filipina cam girl however is totally the opposite of shy. She is really outgoing and loves meeting people. This bubbly Pinay webcam girl goes by the screen name of SexSpot7. She enjoys being a cam girl so much is because you get to meet people all over the world. I have always love the western culture, like the music, movies and also the food. I prefer Western men over Asian guys anytime of the day. Well, if anyone is making a trip to the Philippines and wants to meet a new friend, visiting SexSpot7 chat room would be a good idea.


Sexy European cam girl Hot69xxx

This next cam girl is from Europe and she loves to be mysterious. I asked her what is her name and which country she is from, she choose to remain mysterious about it. I bet this sexy European cam girl is such a tease. She likes the idea of being a mystery girl so that people will not lose interest on her. With her gorgeous looks and sexy body, how can one lose interest in her even after I’ve known what grade school she went to. So if this hottie wants to be known as Hot69xxx, who am I to defy her from using that screen name. At least I have an idea what she likes best when having sex.


Oh my sexy cam girl Verona

Another celebrity look alike alert here. Meet Verona, a teen cam girl from Russia. She does look very much like up and coming Emma Stone. I’m sure you seen movies like Superbad, The House Bunny and Zombieland. Emma Stone acted in those 3 movies. If you have no idea how she looks like, watch the movies and you will see the resemblance between Verona and Emma Stone. I asked this teen cam girl from Russia whether she heard Emma Stone. She told me she does not know who she is. Well Verona, is not that important. As long as all of us knows that you are super hot is good enough.


Cute brunette cam girl Squirell

This next teen girl contestant is cute as a button. Her screen name is kind of unique too. She chose the screen name Squirell. Ask her why she chose this name, she said when she was a little girl, she is like a tomboy and love to climb trees. Her mom told her that she is like a squirrel. So she decided to change the spelling a bit and name herself Squirell as a cam performer. She also claims that she is a very good pool player since she always hang out with her brother’s friends. Well this tomboy certainly turn out to be a major babe.


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