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Most of the Asian cam girls are made of girls from the Philippines. I would say it is close to 80% of the Asian cam girls are made of these hot Filipina girls. This is mainly due to the economic situation and also the historical background. Since the country is not giving enough jobs to it’s people, many of the Filipina girls turn to some alternatives job. As Philippines was ruled by US for many years, many of the people speaks and write in English. Also since it has kind of adopted the American culture, girls here in the Philippines tend to be more open minded when it comes to sex and nudity. Some pretty Filipina girls who started out in the softcore scenes have moved on to the mainstream movie industry and already achieved idol status among the people. Baring for the camera has lead this pretty girls to super stardom and wealth. So it is not surprising when normal girls without a job in the Philippines turn to live sex cam industry as an alternative job since leniency on nudity is pretty much accepted here.


Most of the girls are your average girl next door who just need a job to support themselves. These are the girls that do not work in the bar scenes where physical contacts with customers are common. Working as a Filipina cam girl in the comfort of her own room gives her the security she is needed. I have encounter various kind of Filipina cam girls that work in this live sex cam industry. The biggest main reason is to get an income to support herself and her families. I’ve known girls who are university students, nursing students and also office girls who just need additional income.

Second most popular reason for some Filipina to work in this industry is looking for a soul mate. Since they have been occupied by Caucasian countries like Spain and US, the Pinay still have the mentality of white supremacy. They just adore Caucasian men. It does not really matter if you are old, fat or ugly – as long you are White you are a good choice of a boyfriend and husband material. I also have the pleasure to have known many Filipina cam girls who got married to their members in the live sex chat sites. I think is a win win situation for both parties. The Filipina cam girl is looking for someone to take care of her basic necessities while the guy just want some companionship in a woman. I’ve known a guy from Australia who is in his 50′s who is married to a 23 years old Filipina cam girl. He told me he is really on cloud nine to have married a gorgeous Filipina girl who is fit to become her daughter because of the age difference. Back in his countries, Asutralian girls that is in their early 40′s don’t even give him a second look. To rub salt to the wound, the Aussie chicks are not even pretty according to him.


We have heard many complaints about Filipina being gold diggers. I do admit there are some bad apples just like many situations. All this could be avoided if the members just use their brains rather than their heart. I know is difficult when the girls are pretty and the guys are so eager to impressed them. This problem is not new. This problem already existed way back, most of the powerful men in history always faltered because of girls. The mighty Caesar is one good example when he tries to impressed Cleopatra too much. Another example is from the movie Troy, remember Brad Pitt as Achilles the mighty warrior that is untouchable. He got an arrow shot to his ankle and then to his chest and die because of a women. So just do not be so eager to impressed the Filipina cam girl and I bet you will minimized your  problem of meeting with Filipina cam girls that are gold diggers.

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I hope my information will help you to enjoy a better experience while having a live sex chat with these Filipina cam girls.

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